First Aid Training Equipment Hire

Product Description

First Aid Training Equipment Hire – Hobart

Having the right equipment for first aid training can be expensive, especially when ongoing maintenance is required or there is a need to purchase new gear. EFAP Australia hires out first aid training equipment. Our equipment is serviced in our workshop, cleaned, compliance checked as per our safety policies, procedures, and service manuals.

Products for hire are:

Training First Aid Kits (for scenarios) – made up of assorted dressing bandages, etc.

First Aid and Medical Training Items: Asthma Spacers, Epipen Trainers, Placebo inhalers, Sam Splints, Cardboard splints, Israel wound dressings, tourniquets, Bag Valve Masks, Snake Bite Bandages, Oral Pharangeal Airways, Igels etc

AED Trainers for hire:

Brands: Heartsine 350P, Heartsine 360P, Heartsine 500P, Zoll AED 3, LifePak CRT2, Philips Heartstart HS1

CPR Manikins: – for hands-on CPR only (no mouth to mouth, no mouth to mask)

Oxygen Resuscitator bags – includes a regulator, BVM Adult, BVM Child, Adult & Child non- rebreather masks, Oral Pharangeal airways, Igels etc (oxygen cylinder not included)

How do I book Hire Equipment?

To book hire equipment, please call 0408 514816 to discuss your requirements with one of our team.

All products are subject to availability.

Hire equipment for Hobart and surrounding suburbs