Restocking Service – First Aid Kits and First Aid Rooms

Product Description

Restocking Service – First Aid Kits and First Aid Rooms

EFAP Australia provides a restocking service for all first aid kits. Workplace and Recreation use

There is a specific code of practice about workplace first aid kits that provides more information and guidance on how to manage first aid in the workplace.


Parts of our service may include:

  • Restocking of first aid rooms and first aid kits
  • Restocking and service for portable oxygen resuscitation equipment
  • Cleaning and repair of first aid kits
  • If the worksite has an AED on-site, we can provide a demonstration/refresher on how to use an AED, including hands-on CPR, Scence Safety Management, Dial OOO information, and insight of the Ambulance Paramedics role at a Cardiac Arrest.
  • EFAP Australia provides a consultation service regarding emergency first aid response/equipment for communities and workplaces

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