First Aid Kit Restocking Service

Product Description

First Aid Kit Restocking Service

We provide a restocking service for all types of first aid kits, including kits used in the home and recreational use. Workplace first aid kits require regular checks as mentioned in the Code of Practice – First Aid in the Workplace.  As part of the service, we clean the first aid containers, repair soft pack kits if required, and supply new first aid items ready to use.


Parts of our service may include:

  • Restocking of first aid rooms and first aid kits
  • Restocking and service for portable oxygen resuscitation equipment
  • Cleaning and repair of first aid kits
  • If the worksite has an AED on-site, we can provide a demonstration/refresher on how to use an AED, including hands-on CPR, Scence Safety Management, Dial OOO information, and insight of the Ambulance Paramedics role at a Cardiac Arrest.
  • EFAP Australia provides a consultation service regarding emergency first aid response/equipment for communities and workplaces

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