AED Service/Inspections

Product Description

AED Service/Inspections

Sudden Cardiac Arrest can happen to anyone, anywhere, and at any time. Many workplaces, homes, and recreational settings now have AEDs available. An AED is an essential piece of equipment used in a cardiac arrest, so it must be maintained, checked, and inspected regularly. EFAP Australia provides an AED inspection service, ensuring that your AED is in good working order and ready to respond to an incident requiring defibrillation.

Common faults picked up in a service are:

  • Battery out of date
  • AED pads out of date
  • AED showing a mechanical error sign
  • Comsumables missing or out of date
  • Unable to locate the AED – no signage
  • Low confidence levels in using an AED
  • Lack of CPR Training

For more information on this service, please get in touch with us. Contact no. 0408 514816