Tuffie 5 Wipes Cleaning and Disinfecting Wipes


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Tuffie 5 Wipes Cleaning and Disinfecting Wipes

Tuffie 5 Universal Sanitising Wipes are powerful alcohol and chlorine-free wipes, ideal for cleaning and disinfecting all non-porous surfaces and non-invasive equipment. Tuffie 5 is effective on a broad range of pathogens including MRSA, E. Coli, Norovirus and Coronavirus.

Benefits of Tuffie 5 Sanitising Wipes

A breakthrough in non-woven technology
All Tuffie wipes feature a new and improved triple layered fabric with, emboss pockets and a microfiber core which absorbs and traps surface soils and holds onto bacteria and bio-film to prevent cross-contamination.

The triple layered construction gives strength, softness, absorbency and is non-linting.

Cleans and sanitises all hard surfaces.




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