Chainsaw Scabbard Bag

Product Description

Chainsaw Scabbard Bag

The primary function of  the Chainsaw Scabbard Bag is to hold a small number of tools/chains and have essential first aid items available if an accident occurs. The bag slides over the scabbard and is secured to the chainsaw handle. The Chainsaw Scabbard Safety Bag is manufactured from a heavy-duty material that is tear-resistant.

The Chainsaw Scabbard Safety Bag is available in a variety of colours.


1 x Scabbard Safety Bag ( with 2 x accessory pockets)

2 x First Aid Belt Pouches

This product is made to order and is not a shop item on this website. Please get in touch with us directly to order this product. EFAP Australia Pty Ltd 0408 514816

This product is custom made, changes to the design, colour can be made on request.