Map Holder

Product Description

Map Holder

Many organizations use maps as part of their business. This map holder has been designed for firefighter operations where maps are used frequently.

The primary function of the map holder is to hold and protect the map from being damaged by water, dirt, and wind. This holder has an added function allowing it to be written on with a non-permanent whiteboard marker.

Other functions

This map holder is magnetic, allowing attachment to metal objects, car doors, and bonnets.

Water and dust resistant

The holder is easy to store, preventing any damage/creases to the map

Designed to hold 1:25000 map series

Other notes:

This product is made to order and is not a shop item on this website. Please get in touch with us directly to order this product. EFAP Australia Pty Ltd 0408 514816

Safety Notice:

Magnetic Interference may be harmful to devices – this holder contains magnets.┬áSmall mechanisms & micro elements are also susceptible to interference such as watches and portable electronic devices