Tradies First Aid Kit


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Tradies First Aid Kit

The Tradies First Aid Kit is a versatile first aid kit that many trades can use. This kit is suitable for medium-risk workplaces requiring more than the standard regulation kit. The containers are tough– withstand harsh working enviroments, water-resistant, and easy to wipe clean. The container contains two custom-made inserts that provide another option to secure the items and protect those stored in the main compartment.

First Aid Kit Refills are also available for this product. Please contact EFAP Australia for more information

Case size – Outer Measurements 330mm x 280mm x 120mm


Antiseptic solution & Irrigation Solution

10 x   15ml Irrigation Solution

10 x   Alcohol Swabs

1 x Antiseptic First Aid Spray 50ml

1 x Antiseptic First Aid Cream 25g


2  x    Triangular bandage

3  x   5cm Gauze Conforming Bandage

3  x  7.5cm Gauze Conforming Bandage

1 x 10cm x 1.5m Crepe Bandage

2  x 10cm x 4m Heavy Conforming Bandage


1  x  Instant ice pack


1  x  CPR Card

1  x  First aid information leaflet

1  x  Notebook and pen

Minor Burns

8  x  Burn gel sachets

1 x PE Burn Sheet 10cm x 10cm

1 x PE Burn Sheet 20cm x 20cm

1 x PE Burn Sheet 60cm x 90cm

1 x Burn Information Card


1  x  Face Shield (Resuscitation)

Wound Dressings             

1  x  No 13 wound dressing

1  x  No 14 wound dressing

1  x  No 15 wound dressing

50 x  Fabric Plaster

12 x  Finger & Knuckle Plasters

6  x  Low adherent Dressings 5cm x 5cm

3  x  Low adherent Dressings 7.5cm x 5cm

3 x   Low adherent Dressings 7.5cm x 10cm

1  x  Low adherent Dressings 10cm x 10cm

5 x  Gauze Swabs 7.5cm x 7.5cm

4 x Eye Pads

1 x Butterfly closure strips (pack 10)

1 x Adhesive Island dressings 9cm x 10cm

1 x Microporous Tape 2.5cm x 5m

1 x Finger Dressing Medium

1 x large Wound Dressing 20cm x 91cm

Hand Protection

5 x Latex free gloves


1 x  Scissors Sharp/Blunt 13cm

10 x Splinter probes

1 x   Tweezers 8cm

12 x  Safety pins

1  x  Amputated Parts Bags (3)

1 x  90ml Sharps container

1 x Eye Cup

1 x Pen Light Torch

Cold Exposure

1 x  Space Blanket

Please contact EFAP Australia for more information


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