Day Pack – Field Worker First Aid Kit


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First Aid Pouches and Day packs are an extension of a first aid kit that is significantly bigger. Some workplaces, environments, and recreation activities have significant hazards where an injury is inevitable. First aid pouches are small, nonobtrusive, and practicable to hold items to treat an injury.

Pouch Size – 18cm x 11cm x 7cm
Nylon Pouch
Multiple pockets to hold First Aid Items
Belt Attachment Loops
Small, compact, easy to store


Irrigation Solution
2 x 15ml Irrigation Solution

Wound Dressings
1 x No 15 wound dressing
1 x No 13 wound dressing
12 x Finger & Knuckle Plasters
2 x Gauze Swabs 7.5cm x 7.5cm
1 x 5cm x 5cm low adherent dressing

Hand Protection
1 x Latex free gloves (2)

1 x Scissors 9cm
5 x Splinter probes
1 x Tweezers 8cm
12 x Safety pins
1 x Plastic Bag
1 x Eye Cup

Cold Exposure
1 x Space Blanket

1 x 5cm Conforming Gauze bandage
1 x Triangular bandage
2 x Heavy Conforming Bandages 10cm x 4m

First Aid Information
1 x First Aid Information leaflet


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