Blue Visual Strapping Tape


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Product Description

Blue Visual Strapping Tape is suitable for securing dressings to the skin particularly in the food industry where visual detection is important.


  • AeroPlast Visual Strapping Tape has a very low irritant risk and is suitable for use on fragile and delicate skin.

Individual Plastic Case

  • AeroPlast Visual Strapping Tape comes in an individual plastic case to ensure the tape is kept in optimum condition.


  • AeroPlast Visual Strapping Tape is visually detectable being blue in colour which ensures recognition in the food processing industry.


  • AeroPlast Visual Strapping Tape is resistant to ingress of water, grime and oil keeping the wound clean and dry.

First Aid Kits, Kitchen, Food Processors, Cafe, Restaurant, Butchers, Schools, Bakeries

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Dimensions 6 × 2 × 6 cm