Transparent Tape 2.5cm x 5m (Box 12)


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Product Description

AEROPLAST Transparent Tape is a flexible and breathable transparent tape suitable for the fixation of medical devices to the skin in hospital and clinical settings.

Transparent film waterproof and Micro-Perforated for ease of use

Supabond™ Hypo-allergenic adhesive exclusively engineered for low irritation and high adhesion



AEROPLAST Transparent Tape has a very low irritant risk, and is suitable for use on fragile and delicate skin.

Ease of Use

AEROPLAST Transparent Tape is micro-perforated for easy tear-off on any direction and easy adjustment to size.

Individually Wrapped

AEROPLAST Transparent Tape comes in boxes of individually wrapped rolls ensuring the tape is kept in optimum condition and ready for use


AEROPLAST Transparent Tape is transparent allowing for improved aesthetics and the monitoring the cleanliness of the site without removing the product.

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