LiteAire MDI holding chamber


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Product Description

The LiteAire disposable spacer is a proven device that helps deliver Asthma medications into the lungs.

The medication is ‘fired’ from the puffer into the spacer device and is then inhaled through the mouthpiece of the spacer.

This device has been designed to accept all puffers (MDI, s – Metered dose inhalers)

The LiteAire is a clean, disposable and ready to use device in the single patient use environment. It reduces the risk of patient cross contamination.

This device is lightweight, small, compact, easy to store device that will fit into most first aid kits supplied by EFAP Australia

This device is also supplied in a dispenser Box of 25

For more information regarding this product please contact EFAP Australia 0408 514 816

For more information regarding “Asthma” please refer to the National Asthma Council Australia web site