Patient Slide Easy Transfer Mat


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Patient Slide Easy Transfer Mat

The Slide Easy Transfer Mat is a heavy duty slide sheet material of 2m x 700mm with multiple handle attachments, designed to be used in difficult transfer positions, where the client can be slid from one area to another and then transferred to wheelchair, barouche or other. The Slide Easy Transfer Mat is easily folded to a small size for ease of transportation.

Heavy duty Slide sheet construction. Multiple hand holds for ease of manoeuvre. Ergonomic design. Washable, Drip Dry. Tested To Australian Standards, with a Safe Working Load (S.W.L.) of 182 Kilos. NOT FOR USE ON STAIRS OR OTHER DECLINES

First Aid Rooms, Ambulance services, Workplaces

Use – patient moving device for the unconscious or conscious patient or a patient in cardiac arrest

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