Modulator Extreme First Aid Kit

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Modulator Extreme First Aid Kit

For those unexpected and extreme situations, we have introduced the Modulator Extreme. A comprehensive First Aid Kit ready for any situation. Perfect for remote workers, farmers, or hazardous work environments such as mines, construction sites, or forestry. With a combination of our lifesaving essentials, the Modulator Extreme is;


The Modulator Extreme First Aid KitAn industry first kit that combines essential first aid items in 6 easily identifiable modules with a tourniquet and Israeli bandages packaged in a tough, practical and easy to access case. Ready for emergencies, Modulator Extreme has the added benefit of a protective cut ready for you to add in your choice of Heartsine AED and Prep Kit*.

  • IP67 Tough case to suit all environments
  • Protective cut out to suit a Heartsine AED & Prep Kit
  • RapidStop Tourniquet
  • 2x Israeli Trauma Bandages
  • Workplace Compliant First Aid Kit – divided into 6 scenario-specific modules.
  • 19cm Trauma Shears

Mitigate many foreseeable hazards and associated risks identified in workplace risk assessments with Modulator Extreme. 6 First Aid modules allow for fast and effective treatment of mild to severe medical emergencies. RapidStop Tourniquet and Israeli Bandages are included for excessive bleeding and compatible with a Heartsine AED* for cardiac arrest. Modulator Extreme can reduce many risks identified in compulsory workplace risk assessments. Chat to our team today about how Modulator Extreme can assist you.

Container Size 43cm x 38cm x 15.4cm

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