Tool Pouch – Road Crash Rescue


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Tool Pouch – Road Crash Rescue

The primary function of this tool pouch is to hold small rescue tools used for Road Crash Rescue. This pouch has a variety of smaller pockets to separate the tools for easy access. Heavy-duty magnets have been added to this pouch securing the items and preventing the rescue items from falling out when maneuvering around a crash scene.

This type of pouch can also be utilised for other trades, including the building industry; electrician mechanics, to name a few.

All pouches are custom made for the individual or company requirements

Colours Available – Red, Black, Blue, Orange  & Green

Material – 1000 Denier nylon

This pouch comes with a belt attachment loop and has a variety of pockets for the placement of tools.

Measurements – 20cm x 12cm x 6cm


1 x 230mm (10″) Heavy Duty Cable Cutting Pliers

1 x 254mm (10″) Precision Claw Bar

1 x 150mm (6″) Maxsteel Adjustable Wrench

1 x Quickslide Pocket Utility Knife

1 x Life Hammer

1 x 19cm First aid Shears

1 x 40mm Soft face Hammer 2 in 1

1 x 8X150 Standard Screw Driver

1 x Texta Liquid Chalk Wet-Wipe Marker Jumbo Pink

1 x Multipurpose Roll of Tape – Optional Extra

EFAP Australia manufactures a heavy-duty waist belt to hold this pouch. The waist belts are adjustable for a variety of waist sizes. The tool pouch can easily slide around the belt by lifting two adjustment straps for repositioning and securing

Waist Belt Size –  160cm x 50mm – Black Dive Belt Webbing

This pouch is supplied without the tools and waist belt. Please get in touch with us if you require these items.



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Dimensions 20 × 12 × 6 cm