T Cardholder

Product Description

The T Cardholder has been designed for firefighter operations and field incident control centers. Manufactured from a heavy-duty PVC material, this holder can withstand windy weather conditions when used in the field. This magnetic holder can attach to metal objects such as car bonnets and side doors. The holder has various pockets to hold other items, maps, pens, and business cards of personnel attending the scene. The holder is reflective for low light areas and is easy to store.

Approximate sizes

30 “T” Card Holder $165.00 (size – 65cm x 30cm)

50 “T” Card Holder $220.00.00 ea (size – 50cm x 65cm)

Supplied without pens and T cards

Please contact EFAP Australia Pty Ltd if you require further information. All holders are custom made.

Safety warning: Magnetic Interference may harm devices – this holder contains magnets.┬áSmall mechanisms & micro elements are also susceptible to interference, such as watches and portable electronic devices