First Responder Bag


Product Description

First Responder Bag

This first responder bag has been designed explicitly for Ambulance Volunteers and Nurses that respond to emergencies in their community. This bag has a variety of pockets that hold essential items to perform a vital signs assessment and equipment for an emergency.

The first responder bag is constructed from a heavy-duty material that is easy to wipe clean. The main compartment closes via a zip, and the contents in this section are held in elastic webbing or purposely built pockets. The outer bag is large enough to hold a Heartsine AED and other personal protective items.

The First Responder Bag is custom-made and made to order. On request, modifications can be made to layout, size, colour.

Custom designed to hold the following items:

Pulse oximeter,


Blood glucose monitor




Ventolin Inhaler & Spacer


Adhesive Tape

Face Masks

Hand Sanitizer 50ml

Bag only – contents not included

Free Postage

Special Notes: This bag is manufactured when an order is processed. Manufacturing may take up to thirty days. For more information regarding this product, please get in touch with EFAP Australia 0408 514 816

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Weight 1 kg