Ambulance Volunteer/First Responder Utility Bag

Product Description

Arriving at a scene can be daunting for the first responder, especially when encountering an incident or having been paged to a job.  Having the right equipment can make this job a little easier. This bag holds vital equipment to start a case before the Ambulance arrives.

EFAP Australia manufactures the Ambulance Volunteer/First Responder Utility Bag.  It is custom-made; therefore, changes or modifications can be made on request.  For further options, please get in touch with EFAP Australia to discuss the possibilities.

Contents that the bag has been designed to hold:

Pulse Oximeter, Tympanic Thermometer, Shears, Adhesive Tape, Blood Pressure Cuff, Bandaids

Crepe Bandage 10cm, Spacer, Epi-pen, Ventolin Puffer, Safety Glasses, Compact BVM, Stethoscope

Combine Dressing 20cm x 10cm, Pen Light Torch, Glucometer, Note Book & Pen, Vomit Bag, Gloves, Hand Wash – Skin Sanitiser 50ml, Face mask

For more information regarding this product, please get in touch with EFAP Australia Pty Ltd