Single Use Tourniquet


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Product Description

Single Use Tourniquet (CBC-Vecos®)

1 x dispenser box containing 125 pcs each


  • CBC-Vecos® protects against the transmission of germs and its single use prevents cross-contamination
  • Reduces the risk of hospital-acquired infections such as MRSA and fosters hygiene standards for the medical staff
  • No complex cleaning or disinfection of the tourniquet


  • Easy to apply
  • The micro-velcro® allows for easy opening and closing
  • The micro-velcro* strip attaches securely to any stretch of the strap, allowing for easy re-tightening if needed


  • The velvety soft fleece is gentle on skin providing the best possible comfort for the patient
  • No bruising, lacing or constricting of the skin
  • Standard: 3 cm wide, 50 cm long
  • For bariatric patients, we recommend: 3.5 cm wide, 65 cm long


  • CBC-Vecos® helps to build up the optimal compression force
  • The elastic strap defines the correct minimum compression force reliability, ensuring optimal occlusion
  • Free from latex, silicone and DEHP plasticiser

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Dimensions 20 x 12 x 12 cm