Heartsine Defibrillator PAD500P with CPR Advisor


Product Description

Heartsine Defibrillator PAD500P with CPR Adviser

• This device has the remarkable life-saving feature of real-time feedback on the quality of your compressions. It will tell the rescuer to push harder until the cardiac output is good. Then it will tell you to push faster or slower as appropriate. And if you are getting it just right, it will reassure you that you are doing “Good Compressions”. When you consider that 70% of CPR is inadequate, this is a real life saver.
• Also incorporates all of the standard features of the 300P (PAD-BAS-05)
• Certified for use in aircraft
• A new change to Australian Resuscitation Guidelines recommends the use of prompt devices to improve CPR quality. The 500P is outstanding in this regard as it provides real-time feed-back while the rescuer is performing chest compressions. It instructs the rescuer to push harder or softer, faster or slower, and when compressions are being done correctly it will say good compressions. All of this feedback is based on real time cardiac output, which means how well the rescuer is getting the heart to pump blood around the body. This is a lot more accurate than other devices on the market that have a depth sensor which provides an arbitrary depth measurement regardless of the victim’s size

(Consists of PAD in carry case and 1 x adult PAD-Pak)
4 year battery life from DOM
10 year warranty from DOM
Includes soft carry case

For postage/freight costs please contact EFAP Australia. efap@bigpond.com

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