Day Pack – Field Worker First Aid Kit


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Product Description

Pouch Size – 18cm x 11cm x 7cm
Nylon Pouch
Multiple pockets to hold First Aid Items
Belt Attachment Loops
Small, compact, easy to store


Irrigation Solution
2 x 15ml Irrigation Solution

Wound Dressings
1 x No 15 wound dressing
1 x No 13 wound dressing
12 x Finger & Knuckle bandaids
2 x Gauze Swabs 7.5cm x 7.5cm
1 x 5cm x 5cm low adherent dressing

Hand Protection
1 x Latex free gloves (2)

1 x Scissors 9cm
5 x Splinter probes
1 x Tweezers 8cm
12 x Safety pins
1 x Plastic Bag
1 x Eye Cup

Cold Exposure
1 x Space Blanket

1 x 5cm Conforming Gauze bandage
1 x Triangular bandage
2 x Heavy Crepe Bandages

First Aid Information
1 x First Aid Information leaflet


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