Chainsaw Scabbard Safety Bag

Product Description

Chainsaw Scabbard Safety Bag

The Chainsaw Scabbard Safety Bag has been designed to hold chainsaw tools/chains and safety equipment items. The bag covers the the scabbard and is secured to the handle via a velcro strap
Both pockets can hold chains, small tools and safety items (safety glasses). The first aid pouches are detachable so they can also be worn on the waist belt.
The first aid pouches include a No.15 wound dressing and nitrile gloves.
This bag is manufactured from a heavy duty PVC material that is flame retardant, waterproof, easy to clean and high strength.
These bags are available in a variety of colours.
This bag is custom designed and manufactured by EFAP Australia


1 x Scabbard Safety Bag ( with 2 x accessory pockets)

2 x First Aid Belt Pouches

2 x No. 15 Wound Dressings

2 x Nitrile Gloves (L)


Please contact EFAP Australia for more information regarding this product