Builders First Aid Kit – Safe Case

Product Description

Builders First Aid Kit (Safe Case)

Exceeds the Code of Practice Contents – First Aid in the Workplace February/2016 – Tasmania

Water tight, shock proof, dust proof

Outer Measurements 330mm x 280mm x 120mm


Antiseptic solution & Irrigation Solution

10   x   15ml Irrigation Solution

10  x   Alcohol free tissue wipes

1    x   First Aid Spray 50ml

1    x   Antiseptic Cream 25g


1   x    10cm Crepe bandage

2  x    Triangular bandage

3  x   5cm Gauze Conforming Bandage

3  x  7.5cm Gauze Conforming Bandage

2  x 10cm Heavy Conforming Bandage


1  x  Instant ice pack

First Aid Information

1  x  CPR Card

1  x  First aid information leaflet

1  x  Notebook and pen

Minor Burns

8  x  Aeroaid gel Sachets

3  x  Polythene sheets (various sizes)

1  x   Burn information card


1  x  Face Shield/Resuscitation

Wound Dressings             

1  x  No 13 wound dressing

1  x  No 14 wound dressing

1  x  No 15 wound dressing

50 x  Fabric Plaster

12 x  Finger & Knuckle Plasters

6  x  Low adherent Dressings 5cm x 5cm

3 x   Low adherent Dressings 5cm x 7.5cm

1 x   Low adherent Dressings 7.5cm x 10cm

1  x  Low adherent Dressings 10cm x 10cm

1  x  9cm x 20cm Wound Dressing

5 x  Gauze Swabs 7.5cm x 7.5cm

4 x Eye Pads

1 x Wound Closure   Strips Pk3

3 x Adhesive Island dressings 8cm x 10cm

3 x Finger Dressings

Infection Control

5 x Latex free gloves


1 x  Scissors Sharp/Blunt 13cm

10 x Splinter probes

1 x   Tweezers 8cm

12 x  Safety pins

2  x  Amputated Parts Bags (3)

1 x  Adhesive Tape Hypoallergenic 2.5cm

1 x  90ml Sharps container

1 x Bio Hazard Bag

Cold Exposure

1 x  Space Blanket

For more information regarding this product including the price, please contact EFAP Australia 0408 514 816