Brayden CPR Manikin (illuminating blood flow)

Product Description

Brayden CPR Manikin (The first Manikin that helps you visualise the effects of CPR)

As with any training, it is widely recognised that the most effective form of learning is using animated visual tools to assist in memory retention. Brayden assists in this way, showing the effective of compression depth and speed and their correlation to effective blood flow to the brain.

Unique in ability the Brayden is undoubtedly the best manikin for the ultimate CPR Learning experience.

When choosing a CPR Manikin, consider the importance of a CPR manikin with visual feedback to assist learning.


Realistic Chest Rise and fall

Head tilt and chin lift for opening airway

Oral and nasal passages which allow realistic nose pinch

Easy to Clean

Latex Free Skin

Anatomically Correct

and many more features

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