Ambulance Volunteer Utility Bag

Product Description

This bag has been designed to hold the following items:
Pulse Oximeter, Tympanic Thermometer, Shears, Adhesive Tape, Blood Pressure Cuff, Bandaids
Crepe Bandage 10cm, Spacer, Epi-pen, Ventolin Puffer, Safety Glasses, Compact BVM, Stethoscope
Combine Dressing, Pen Light Torch, Glucometer, Note Book & Pen, Vomit Bag, Gloves, Hand Wash – Skin Sanitiser 50ml

The Ambulance Volunteer Bag is supplied without contents. (Bag Only)

Colours Available- Red, Black, Pink, Blue, Fluro Yellow, Orange

For more information regarding this product please contact EFAP Australia 0408 514 816