Aero Case First Aid Bag


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Product Description

Aero Case First Aid Bag (without contents)
First aid bag with comfortable “SIMS” = Snap-In Magnetic System, a wall hanging storage solution with magnetic technology.
Manufactured from high-quality materials.
• For stationary as well as for mobile use
• Structured and intelligent interior design
• Generous space for extensive first aid equipment
• Lightweight and durable construction

Generous access to the Main Compartment
• Intelligent interior layout for a clearly separated first aid equipment
• Fixation loops in different sizes, horizontally and vertically available
• Rollable interior compartments with lockable transparent pockets and shelves
• Protection against dirt

Bag Size – 45cm x 31cm x 18 cm

Additional information

Weight 1.6 kg
Dimensions 45 × 31 × 18 cm