First Aid Kit Restocking Service

EFAP Australia provides a First Aid Kit Restocking Service for businesses in Hobart and surrounding areas.

We provide three first aid kit restocking service options.

Option 1
Pickup and delivery restocking service:  (Service fee)
All kits are washed, cleaned & dried
We provide a repair service for soft pack first aid kits.
We can custom make first aid pouches, dressing sleeves & modules that can attach to metal or plastic first aid containers
We can also provide replacement kits whilst your kit is taken off site for a service.
All damaged items & out of date items are replaced with new items that have long expiry dates
We also provide you a new contents list that highlights the service dates

Option 2
On- site service (no service fee)
New contents list is provided
We dispose of out of date or damage items
We replace the first aid labels if damaged
Provide information on how to use first aid items that you may not be familiar with.

Option 3
Australia wide service
Fax or email your first aid kit contents list to EFAP Australia highlighting the items that you require. The items will then be posted out with a new contents list & restocking stickers
For more information on the First Aid Kit Restocking Service please contact EFAP Australia 0408 514816