About us

EFAP Australia is a small business that supplies Emergency First Aid Products throughout Australia. Our business vision is to provide good quality first aid products including Defibrillators (AED) that will assist workplaces and communities when responding to an emergency. 

EFAP Australia has the ability to manufacture and custom design bags, pouches and first aid kits. As part of our services we provide an industrial sewing business.

 We also supply:

Defibrillators (Automatic External Defibrillators – AED)

First Aid Kits and Oxygen Resuscitators

First Aid Training Supplies

First Aid and Medical Items

Services include:

                              Industrial Sewing

                              Restocking First Aid Kits

                              Repair and clean first aid and medical kits

                              Information sessions on Defibrillators (AED)


                              First Aid Shop – Web Store


EFAP Australia is owned and operated by Phillip Krushka a current practicing Ambulance Intensive Care Paramedic with over 25 years experience. 

EFAP Australia is committed to helping people save lives in the community and the workplace

Mobile: 0408 514816

Email: efap@bigpond.com

Address: PO 34 South Hobart Tasmania 7004